Thursday, March 22, 2012

siti fairuz latif

a message for u. in case if u heard something about me please come straight and ask me...i repeat IN CASE..not necessary there's something not expecting u to make ur own conclusion as i know u r the jenis-xkisah-punya-orang..that's one of the reason y i admire u...wey,did u text me that night?+642209454***..the message was 'mimi :) i miss u..' it u????

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Siti Fairuz Latif said...
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Siti Fairuz Latif said...

yes it was didn't reply my text and didn't answer my calls. why :( there's something happen?

oh wait, i am jenis-xkisah-orang-punya? what does that supposed to mean??? am i that ignorant? hahaha :D

hope to hear from you soonnnnn!!

mimie mat rani said...

hahaha..i left my fon..quite busy these day..n aku xde kredit..mxs mahal nk mmpus..nnti ak topup bnyk2 ak text mg..

mksudnya mg xdok la judgemental only base on what u kee dr dulu jenis mls nk serabutkan palo mg..

wea pun oyk katku aruz ni jenis xkisah jah..xsuka semak palo otok

Siti Fairuz Latif said...

well thats life dear. life is too short to whine about everything :) i'm getting matured now. become more rensponsible in every single thing and i'm trying to. acece. hahah.
the more you think.the more you stress. but i think i've change now. keep thinking about unimportant stuffs. *please shoot me*

i will call you again when i have time okay!or we can skype!

mimie mat rani said...

owhh..hopefullyu r not making assumption for it will add up to ur stress..

thing which is unnecessary should be avoided.tmbah2 kalu blh keruhkan keadaan..ok,call me if u have time..

skype aku xle log in..laptop gilo..ym pun kalu sign in,mest hang laptop..

ata email blh... mimiematrani@y.c..t,ak reply