Wednesday, March 28, 2012


one day,i will meet every of u to fix all the things up..
it is not that i totally ignore..
but,there's a lot of thing i cant share..a lot of thing i cant throw it is too personal which i always believe u have yours..
if only u know how it feel for me to please every of u..
dnt get sad over a thing..
i hope all of u are doing well..
i know u talk a lot about me..
im not assuming..but,if it is not,it is so good for us...
if it is true,then,it is okay n it may be my fault for not considering thoroughly..
im not blaming anybody..i dnt accuse anybody..
i owe u an accept,it depends on u

from bottom of my heart,im truly sorry..u know where to look for me..i did give u my contact number..n i wait..

dnt take it too much into heart..there will be a good explanation behind least,for my sake..

if one of u read this,spread it..u know who u are...

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