Monday, March 19, 2012

i am a student and this is my life..

ni pun hanya selingan..a student's life,a friend,a daughter...

 "KITAB' medicine

 it takes more than a good time to only write this..sebab aku lembab

 sangat la ulat buku

 nota weyy =D

 extra rack 


 biri2 from PEYUH..

 memory remain

 u may think im forget,but the truth is im not regardless of what had happen..

 nyawa,cinta hidup mati <3

 teman paling setia

 not-so-makeup table

 daun hati
 beg pun maw tunjuk ka wei..

 lion and cowie ~


 from's so precious as she went to cameron to look for this present for my 21st befday..

tempat muntah darah

i love my room so's so good to be in our own room..sharing is suffering.. nasib baik aku menghuni bilik ni sorang2..

it's a long journey i have to pass through..i do not know what may happen and i make my past as a good teacher.. i live my life to the fullest.. appreciate things in front of me now and be prepared for what may happen in the future..every person in the picture above will accompanied me till the end of my journey which im pretty sure it's endless

p/s;masih bercinta dengan 'liver cirrhosis'..

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