Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Paediatrics posting

Paediatric is kanak2...instead of u go to hospital and ask 'kat mana klinik kanak2 eh'..u can change it to 'eh,wad paediatrik kat mana eh?'..lagi cool kan? shows that u know something about medical thingy..

i have osce examination tomorrow..osce refers to bedside teaching.where d doctor which is the examiner will take us around the ward n they'll look for a patient..a lucky patient will be chosen.then lets start.i am given 20 minutes for a long case and 5 minute for short case..long case include history taking and examination while short case is only physical paediatrics,development milestone also can be asked..

oih,janganlah bagi aku patient budak2 kecik yang xboleh nak handle..susah..mula2 jumpa sape nk bagi kita takes more than a good time to make a rapport with them.if u make them cry,u'll die...examiner will fail u excuse..because u bring pain to them or u scared them..tu la susah bila dapat patient around 1-2 years old..they have strangers's anxiety which they tend to cling to their mom ONLY..

i hope that i get patient who has AGN(acute glomerulonephritis) quite familiar with the history taking and which part i have to pay attention in,AGN patient biasanya around 12-15 years old macam's easier..dapat patient asthma,mmg cari nahas..they easily get irritated..dengan oxygen supply nye.dgn nebulizer nye..nak make a good rapport in 5 minutes?memang tak mungkin..

p/s:i just had my oat meal for the first time...i even did not know how to prepare it correctly..i end up dgn diarrhea(cirit birit) immediately after finishing not sure how i can tolerate it for next 2 weeks..wohaaa..headache

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