Monday, March 12, 2012


my hair is seriously need of a makeover..
i never realize of it until recently..and yessss..i need money for that..
today's evening,im going to jj and change my 4 years old spectacles into a new one...and yess..that's consume a huge amount of money too..hairdo or spectacles..ive no choice rather than continued with the second option effin hate being in the middle and have to come out with one inflexible decision in a fact that i need both of it so current spectacles which im wearing now is a gift from a man i love the most..thats a reason kenapa aku malas nak tukar..i love it that much..

by the a friend,thank you for reminding me how i have already aged..the last time we met each other was 5 years ago,was it?i bet a lot of changes in you..y do i keep thinking that we got to have some sort of reunion among us..hahaha..u,me and others as well..looking at my picture wouldnt make any difference a lot more better sure you too.hahahha..kidding.. i know u r one of the pembaca tetap here..or else,how would u know about my current state..

this blog is for old friends yang kadang2 sudah sangat lama tak contact..they can reach me through here..sometimes,we are too busy with our own things until we forget that we actually have something else to be catered. they are who we called friends..if  you are looking for information other than medical thingy or things unrelated to me and you,you are not in the right place..hahahaa..sbb nak cakap pasal politik,politik dan politik,im not into it plus aku sangat tak arif..

well,if i have information on health,medical things and medical thingy and medical thingy again,ill be sure to share of charge..but,u should know that i am not a-so-bright student here..middle2 one tu boleh,dnt trust me too much ..hahahaha.. =DDD

p/s;kenyang gilak perut penuh..rosak la diet aku ikut angah,sha n kak lina ni...asek makan jeeee hangpa bertiga nih....

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