Tuesday, March 6, 2012

a NO to marriage

i really wanted to have my own husband,me and my kids. in a house full of laughter,happiness..
yess.. everybody do have that kind of dream..i dont know the exact reality in marriage for i never experience it anyway.. when i look at my family,my papa n my ibu,they r happy together..makin tua,makin romantic..wat say u?
seriously,im not ready for any marriage or that kind of relationship..bertunang or whatever it is..bercinta can la kot...
ahhh,,im having a complicated problem when it comes to lunch which is i dnt even know what im going to eat.until nedy is the d one who decided what i should eat 'mie,skang mkn ni..kau kena makn ni..mana blh mkn tu..itu xboleh makan,nnti kau sakit perut..itu xboleh order,nnt kaw makan xhabis'..'...the food i eat is pretty crappy,im on diet since 2,3 days(i dnt know how long it will last)
so,i cant imagine how pathetic i can be when i need to feed my future husband..
now,if u are asking for marriage??my answer is NO!

im goin to think about it when i reach.............jeng3..

i always believe in this thing 'when poverty knock the door,love will fly through the window' doesnt show u are shows that u are prepared for the thing that may happen..who knows..

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