Monday, December 5, 2011

love->poison->hospital bahagia

i was from HBUK this morning..Hospital Bahagia Ulu Kinta..for sure people will realize the word 'hospital bahagia'..n ull easily digest the meaning of it..'bahagia' in bracket..i clerked a case which i have to present in front of psychiatrist..

our patient,mr R is 20+ years old was diagnosed with schizophrenia because he had a bad break up since 3 years ago..the girl was his first love and after the broke up,he never ever meet any other not giving any counselling but believe me,ull end up in HBUK as well if we do not know how to coop with it..breaking up with someone u loved is bad enough..enough for u to continue crying..break up is the last thing i swear God i want to experience again...

then again,my patient ms N was diagnosed with bipolar disorder since 20YEARS ago...because her husband left her for another woman when her youngest daughter was only 7month old dat time.another case due to 'love problem'..cant u see how bad it,woman..they are all like poison set in..they all can go crazy because of love..once they 'check in' any hospital bahagia,there's no way they will get out. the history of being admitted will still be there for the rest of their life...the possibility of the re occurrence is high..  

Break up is just like a is so beautiful,so lovely....the only part that we shed non-stop-millions-thousands of tears was the'break up part'..otherwise,love is just like eating nasi delicious..hahahha..

p/S..well,tlg ignore grammatically error atau ayat2 yg konfius putus berBI,aku nak berBI jugak..aku tulis sekali lalu je..lantak ar mcm keling pun..bak kata angah 'macam hare'..terus terang aku blh speaking wlaupun gagap tp xpndai tulis BI..muehehehhee

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shahira.salim said...

i cannot believe you compared love to nasi goreng!! there has got to be some law against it~ lols ^-^

mimie mat rani said...

nasi goreng is so delicious la...i ate it with my ex botfee n that was d best nasi goreng i ever had..after that,i never found any delicious nasi goreng anymore..weeee