Monday, May 16, 2011

to certain people,life is so unfair,aint it? certain people,they do not get much in their life..but peeps,no matter what comes your way , court dates , partners breaking up with u, got heart broken,getting made redundant,getting fired,getting beat up by some idiot .... DONT U BE AFRAID n DNT U LOOK BACK!!! and don't be scared!! pick yourself up cos you will never change whats been and gone!

u know wat, i seem realize dat life is a fight and no matter how many times life beats u to the ground,s long s u keep picking yourself up,keep having hope and faith in yourself,i do believe,one day you will shine!!! don't give up and don't give in..

for me,kalau nk hidup dgn manusia sejagat,kaw kena bijak kalau kaw xmahu kena pijak ..some people,they are so cruel.even in a bad way,as long as they get wat they want,there is no need to think bout others..n the most pitiful one,is U who do not have strength to fight those 'busthird' people back..bahahaha..

frens,we will not always be in this much pain and sorrow,there shud b a time for us when we will have our own bright path..believe me,time does have a way of healing us,though it can be hard to believe dat we r in d midst of feelng so hurt..

just remember,U'R NOT remember dat most people have been there..very few of us get out adolescence without a number of stabs to d heart,rite?n for some of us,those 'stabs' were a frequent part of our young adult years.It is d 'art' on d life dat those freaking people help to's part of being feeling,interacting human being to every once in a while get ur heart broken.. Doesnt make it hurt less any,mind u!

so,peeps..wat is a fren for?of nedy,she would answer 'kawan utk disusahkan time kita susah n utk susahkan kita time dia susah n utk ketwa bila dua2 senang'..Thank God,walaupun sudah terlalu ramai yg tikam dr belakang.di celah2 semua tu,terselit insan yg Tuhan kurniakan sbgai pngganti seribu kali lebih baek dr yg pergi..kita kena kehilangan sesuatu utk dapatkan sesuatu,kan?sbb tuhan xjdikan manusia utk miliki semua yang mereka inginkan tp ,Tuhan berikan manusia ape yg mereka perlukan.

~be nice to good wherever u r..dnt break people's heart even in a 'joking' way..Then,God has His own way to heal ur scar..~

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