Wednesday, May 25, 2011

it is d latst entry perhaps..

i woke up suddenly at around 4 last night cz  i had a bad damn was a sad dream i guess because i noticed tears coming down to my cheek..pastu,mcm org kalut i was looking for my henpon everywhere at 4 o;clock in d morning n i saw nothing.not text,no miscall or watsoever..felt like going to past few years back whenever i slept,my fon was always by my side.then i sat n thinking wat the hell are u doing,mimie?u r out of ur mind, was all out of my control, was a reflex..suddenly woke up n my heart beat faster,throbbing like hell..then,tears coming down again..but i forgot to count how many..hahaha...then,i slept again with my huge teddy bear under my head...then,i woke up 1hour ago n start thnking  if i had a eyes blurr n i cant see anythng..i got a big headache this was all was all was all tears...this may be d last entry..maybe..

hmm..i had to... gudbye ipoh..

~have a nice day,peeps..dnt frgt to be gud wherever u r~

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