Thursday, May 10, 2012

birthday.coming again

i private my birthday kat fb..
i just think there's no use if your wish is just 'hb' 'hbd' 'eb'.

happy birthday is just more than enough kalau nk compare ngn those 'hb',,macam haemoglobin pulak...
bukan tak hargai,just there's no meaning at all..

u know i can tell out of 900 fb friends, only some of them remember without getting informed by fb..they are who u called friends..u can count how many of them

dan aku lagi suka instead of 900 yang wish tp ak just like n like sbb malas nk reply,better orang yang wish sikit macam tu tapi sempat beramah mesra..

i like that way.. untuk yang wish,thanks a lot =)

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